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Tips for Navigating a Conference

Dear Readers,

As we gear up for conference season, we thought it could be helpful to share some tips on how to succeed while at a conference. We’re heading to ASCO today and would love to see you there! Click here to meet with us in Chicago. We’ll also be attending BIO and you can schedule a time to meet with us here on their partnering interface.

Create the right mindset for networking

For many of us, our face-to-face interactions have been limited because of COVID. To take advantage of every moment during a busy conference, create a networking plan and be confident in your approach. Understanding your intentions will help you create a positive and productive strategy that will make networking feel more authentic and exciting. Check out this Forbes’ article on creating an Effective Networking Mindset.

Brush up your elevator pitch

Have your introduction rehearsed so you can easily start a conversation. Keep your introduction under 30 seconds to create space for the other person to talk and then focus on listening. Here are some tips to craft your elevator pitch.

Prepare a daily schedule ahead of time

With so many presentations available at each conference, you likely will not have the opportunity to attend each. So, schedule out each conference day including meetings, presentations, downtime, breaks and recovery time, too. We even recommend picking out a few local coffee and lunch spots prior. Here are the current ASCO and BIO scheduled sessions. 

Stay up to date

In the weeks and days approaching your conference, stay informed of news and updates related to the conference. Subscribe to the conference newsletter and follow it on social media (ASCO social media information here) to start participating in conversations. Usually, conferences will post daily updates and information about presenters on social media.

Pack a conference “survival kit”

This contains a notebook, a couple of pens, business cards, snacks, a water bottle, conference registration information, chargers, and any relevant COVID documentation, masks, etc. 

Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any additional tips for conference attendees that you’d like to share. We hope to see you at ASCO or BIO this Summer! 

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